British homes to follow shortly!

Soon after opening our new Algarve Showground at Boliqueime, we hope to take delivery of the first of the larger British mobile homes, most with European specifications. European specifications generally means: European electrics and plug sockets, plus vinyl flooring throughout – but each is different and there are anomalies, it just depends what there is […]

Showground beginning to take shape!

It may not look like it from the photo, but with the arrival of more of the smaller French origin mobile homes, plus the ongoing works with the showground site itself, things are definitely beginning to take shape here in Boliqueime for the new showground. As each home arrives, we will carry out a PDI […]

The First Arrivals!

…and off we go! Today we took delivery of the first of the mobile homes to our new Algarve showground. To begin with we have a selection of smaller 2 bedroom French origin homes arriving. These all have two bedrooms, 1 and ½ bathrooms, living area with kitchenette fitted with a hob, and each having […]

The new Showground is secured!

We now have the keys and have taken possession to what will become our new showground here in the Algarve and the new venture of Algarve Mobile Homes. Now to start the preparation work…. To which there is plenty to do! So that we are ready to receive the first of our sale homes.  The […]